Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Utah, Part 2

Here's a little more in pictures of the fun things we did while we were in Utah, post-wedding. Grandma has a great backyard for fun in the sun! We put the sprinkler under the trampoline, had a slide going into a kiddie pool and put up a slip and slide and it was fun for all. And I do mean all. This is Alexis on the slip and slide right before Darren's turn popped a hole in it. Oops.Thanks to my parents, my sisters and I enjoyed a lovely overnight vacation sans kids in Park City. Thanks for letting us enjoy your time share with you, Michelle! We hit the outlet malls, ate yummy food and watched chick flicks all night. It was great.Then the kids joined us and we practically lived in our swimsuits and hopped from the pool to the hot tubs all day. The kids were in heaven and didn't want to leave. We also enjoyed swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Mangum's pool. Michelle's ingenious idea to get my boys these floatie rings made them right at home in the pool.Joseph and Alexis with their great grandparents.Storytime with Grandpa. My dad took my boys to a movie and to McDonald's while my mom and I shopped one morning and he had to rescue Justin at the top of the tubes at the playplace! Justin still talks about how his brave Grandpa came to his rescue.We had too much fun at the Strawberry Days fair in Pleasant Grove. The kids loved the rides!

Joseph was brave enough to get on the ferris wheel, but came off looking white as a sheet. We plopped him right down on a bench next to the garbage can until his color came back. Poor kid. The kids got tattoos on our way out of the park and they were very proud of them. Transformers for Joseph, Hello Kitty for Alexis and Batman for Justin.Grandma and Grandpa, you spoil us too much. Thanks for the great time!


Jenni said...

These pictures are FABULOUS! I am so sad that I missed swimming because it looks like such a blast. And I am really glad you got to have that night with your sisters, what a blast! You guys are all so beautiful.

And Joseph is really brave for getting on the farris wheel because they even freak me out a little!

talk about a fun vacation!!

Emily said...

Yea ferris wheels freak me out too, brave boys! That looks like such a fun vacation!!!

I'm glad you had nice enough weather to get wet, and I'm so jealous of that backyard!!! Ugh...some day, some day...

Girls night looks fun too, how relaxing! I was just telling Steve last night how much I LOVE it when someone else puts the kids to bed. I don't know why that wears me out so much, but it does, so a night off (or several in a row) is the best!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Wow, that made me want to re-live those weeks again! We did have a ton of fun and once again you have all the pictures that I need, so send them my way!