Saturday, November 29, 2008

A few of the things I am thankful for...

Thanks for taking these beautiful pictures, Dad!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I had quite a weekend!

First this:And then this:So I went to the new movie theater at our mall on Saturday afternoon to see Twilight with about 10 girls from my ward. It was awesome. Then we went to the new food court to eat. We had all just gotten our food and sat down to gush about the movie when we heard a loud bang. Then came another loud bang and I looked over in the direction of the sound across the room to see a wave of people running toward me screaming! It was like I was in a movie and it was freaky. It registered sometime in this split second as someone yelled "gun!" that we needed to react. We all hit the deck and huddled under the table, putting chairs around us. I had never been to this new part of the mall and I realized I didn't even really know where an exit was. Lots of the people around us went out onto a balcony by us, but I felt safer where I was. I did not want to move. We were only under the table about a minute when the panic diffused and people started getting up, looking around, locating loved ones, etc. There wasn't any more commotion but nobody knew what was going on. Before we could decide what to do, a security guard came around asking everyone to evacuate. So everyone calmly filed down the escalator and out the door. Then, because we were parked on the top floor of the new parking structure, we sat in a line of cars waiting to get out for 2 1/2 hours. When we finally started moving, it took 1/2 hour to actually get out of the parking lot. Here's the news story if you're interested. The shooting was gang related; one kid was injured the other died, and the gunman got away! The news reports now say that they're closing in on the suspect. Anyway, it was scary stuff. We just kept thinking about how worse it could've been. We could've been separated from each other, we could've sat closer to the incident, we could've had our kids with us! Thank goodness we were all alright.

But after all that drama, I have to say that I loved Twilight! I think for the most part, the casting was great and it just made me fall in love with the book all over again after hating Breaking Dawn. Bella was a klutz and not too pretty, Edward was gorgeous and charming and James was sooo creepy! It helped that I read the book over a year ago because the stuff they had to leave out didn't bother me. It was that cheesy high school love that is so dramatic and awkward. I loved it and I thought they did a great job capturing the book. So there's my review.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun in Utah!

As usual, we had a blast in Utah! We did so much fun stuff during our week there. We went for a business recruiting event, but spent a whole week hanging out. It was a much needed break from work and life after Darren finished his oh so "busy season." Check out these pics from the trip:
Isn't my new niece adorable? Her name is Elle and we got to attend her blessing while we were there! Thanks for waiting for us, Michelle and Jon.Joseph played played played with Elle's big sister AlexisWe visited the fire station where a friend of my sister's gave us the best tour ever! Joseph was in heaven! They used the hoseRode in the fire truckAnd tried on the real firefighter equipment!We also got to drive down to Southern Utah for the day to visit Darren's Grandma Williams. She'll be 91 this month and she's still sharp as a tack. She tells such fun stories. We had a great visit.We went to an awesome bouncy house place
And went to an adorable pumpkin patch farm with a mini corn mazeA petting zoo where Joseph fed the ponyAnd Justin loved the goats!It's been such an incredible blessing to go back to Utah so often for our little business trips. Thanks so much Mom, Dad, Jordan, Michelle, Jon and girls for showing us such a good time. We love you so much and we'll be missing you until our next trip out!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's my little firefighter and police officer. I knew Justin wouldn't put up with a hat, so I guess he turned out looking a little more like a detective. You have to look closely for his handcuffs on his beltloop, but they're my favorite part.
We were lucky enough to celebrate Halloween in both Utah and Washington. Here's Joseph with his Grandparents and cousins, Alexis (Cinderella) and Elle (pig). My next post will be all about our good visit to Utah. We were there all last week and flew home on Halloween afternoon.

Joseph loved trick or treating this year! We went to some houses in our neighborhood and he just held out his bucket and said "Trick or Treat!" really loud everytime! It was adorable. Justin enjoyed it too. Our friend, Sierra the pirate, and her Dad joined us too.
Then we went to the bookstore where my friend Athina works to visit her, and then we were off to our ward's trunk or treat party. Justin was very scared of all the big kids with scary masks. Joseph didn't mind them and he loved giving out the candy as much as getting it. He loved giving candy from our trunk and also at our house when we got home. We had a blast.