Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camping Trip to the Olympic Peninsula

What a beautiful state we live in! That is what I kept thinking on our camping trip. I'm so glad we got to get out and see the Peninsula together as a family this summer. I'm starting to feel like an official camper now. This is our third annual camping trip and this time we stayed for 4 days and nights. And we didn't even do everything on my list. But now we know what we want to do next year! Here are some of the highlights. How fun is it to take a ferry ride to your campground?We stayed at Fairholme Campground near Lake Crescent and the lake is gorgeous. There were a few mosquitoes at twilight, but the boys were troopers. It seemed like every night at dinner, the conversation went like this:
Joseph: Mom, there's a mosquito on your forehead.
Mom: Justin, there's one on your arm.
Dad: Joseph, now there's one on your forehead.Joseph will tell you that his favorite part of the trip was catching a fish on the lake with his Dad. While Justin had a nap, they rented a canoe and went fishing on the lake. Joseph reeled in a big one all on his own. Too bad there's not a picture to show!Check out this whopper of a tree!Our hike to Marymere Falls was short and very kid-friendly. Also very pregnant woman-friendly.On the bridge during our hike.Our first dutch oven experience was a huge success. Darren and I were so proud, we took a picture of our peach cobbler! Doesn't it look yummy? Mmm, I want more just looking at it.Joseph in the Hoh Rainforest. What a gorgeous place to hike!We loved Rialto Beach. It was the boys' first time at the ocean. They loved chasing the waves. And they hiked a long way so I could see the "Hole in the Wall."How do you like Joseph's photography? Not bad, eh? You can see the hole in the wall of rock to the left of me. There were so many great rocks to climb on and tide pools to explore. The boys had fun poking the sea anemones and watching them close up. Darren kept pointing out everytime we were near Forks that it was overcast and foggy. Ooooohh, so creepy! Unfortunately I was too embarrassed to take any touristy pictures of myself in Forks. The Twilight paraphernalia there is out of control. I felt bad for the poor residents. But I still loved seeing it, I'm not gonna lie.Getting ready for hot dog and marshmallow roasting night. Oh how I love these boys.Until next year...