Friday, August 29, 2008

7 years of wedded bliss with 2 cute boys to show for it

This week was our 7th wedding anniversary and we usually don't get to celebrate it very well since it falls during Darren's busy season at work. But it just so happened this year that his firm's Mariners tickets came up for grabs on our anniversary and we got to go to the game. It's so much fun to watch from the 18th row! So our anniversary turned out very nice!
I am so in love with my husband. I am so happy every morning to wake up and know I chose him and even better, to know that he chose me!
But enough of that mushy stuff. On to the bragging about the kids! Here's a quick update:
Joseph is obsessed with firefighters and police officers lately. It's very cute. I'm thinking that's what Joseph and Justin will be for Halloween. Joseph fights fires and arrests bad guys all day long. I can't believe that he's starting preschool next week. It's three mornings a week and I'm kinda freaking out about losing my baby. It's pathetic, I know. He's also starting a soccer team with his buddies pictured below. He's very excited about that. So I'm anxious about our new changes. Not until we're empty nesters will we now not have kids in school with activities and schedules and obligations. I know it's just preschool, but we're definitely entering a new parenting era!Justin is just learning so much and into full toddlerhood. He's learning new words: ball, hi, bye, yummy, yucky, hot, and I can see his little brain processing the things I'm saying now. He'll bring me his shoes when I ask him, he'll show you his belly button when you ask him, and he can't hold still after I say the words "ice cream." He is also in love with cars and trucks. He drives them around the house all day. It's such a fun age, and yet, I've begun the nursery countdown because he pretty much makes church impossible. Just 3 1/2 months left!
I'm a happy girl to have these three cute boys in my life!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My weekend away in beautiful British Columbia

I found out that I love Canada when I met these beautiful girls from Vancouver! Carrie and Elyse were my roommates at Ricks College 8 years ago and they are so much fun. I wish I had a scanner so I could show you a picture of all of us back in the day. Anyway, when I got Elyse's wedding invitation in the mail, I had to go! Darren was going to come with me (we were dating when I lived with these girls, so he knows and loves them too), but he had to stay for work. So instead I made it a weekend away for myself and had a blast catching up with Carrie. She let me tag along with her and stay overnight at her house. Silly me, I thought I would be able to talk to Elyse more, but not on her wedding day! Isn't she a beautiful bride? We had a good old time on the dance floor together at her reception, though. This was also my first trip to Canada, even though I only live 2 hours from the border. I actually didn't even see Vancouver (the girls live outside the city), but it was much like Seattle in climate and greenery. That's why all the small differences threw me. Like this speed limit sign that I saw right as I crossed the border. Then I heard someone talking about how it was 30 degrees yesterday. They kept reminding me where I was. So funny. But it was such a fun weekend away and a great little blast from the past!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Joseph's First Sleepover

Joseph had his cousin, Kellen, over for a sleepover last weekend. How cute are they? Kellen lives in Portland, but was in town for his aunt's wedding. He and Joseph were so excited to see each other again so soon! They got right to work playing and chasing each other. They looked for "creatures" in the backyard with flashlights and then Darren put up our little tent in Joseph's room and they had a blast pretending they were camping again. The next day before the wedding, we went to Qwest field and watched the Seahawks scrimmage game. Very fun! And then there were tears shed when it was time for the cousins to part ways. We love you, Kellen! And here's the next generation of cousin buddies: Justin and Caleb. They were too cute to leave out.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's official: I like camping!

We're back from our Jolley family reunion camping in beautiful Umpqua National Forest in Southern Oregon! I was admittedly anxious about going camping because I've never done it before (unless you count Girls Camp in our A-Frame cabins). Although I had great experiences then, I was never really loved the actual roughing it. :) I was mostly just worried about taking two little boys who would be out of their routine. I imagined that no one would sleep and we'd all just be grouchy with meltdowns galore. So I was very excited that my first experience would be with the professional Jolley family. At least I'd have help if the kids were driving me crazy! Well, it turned out that I had nothing to worry about. The boys slept like angels at night, and they loved the great outdoors! And you know what? so did I!

5 of Darren's 7 siblings made it out along with his parents and it was so wonderful to spend time with everyone. Joseph and Justin had soooo many cousins there to play with! The Jolleys have been going to Horseshoe Bend campground for years and they know all the good things to cook and all the great hikes to take. Here are some of the many highlights:

Joseph's first fishing!

Joseph and Kellen, best buddies

Daddy and Joseph

The biggest pinecones you've ever seen!

One of the several beautiful waterfalls we hiked to!

My hottie fly fisherman husband

The boys loved playing in the tent.

The Jolley family tent

Darren's cute sisters, nephew Easton, and parents!

Gotta love Grandma and Grandpa! The ones who made this all come together.