Thursday, May 24, 2007

Check me out!

Well, I'm officially a blogger now, can you believe it? Several friends have been using these for awhile and I love to read them and see the pictures of their adorable families growing. So here I am finally putting one together. I feel so technologically advanced. Thanks for the inspiration: Emily, Diane and Lori!

So as you can see from my pictures, we've had some very fun visitors lately. My sis-in-law Emily came for the weekend with her adorable little Easton and we played at the children's museum and the aquarium. It was so great to see them because they just moved from close Oregon to far away Idaho! Then my sister Jordan came to hang out with us for the weekend and we had a blast playing with Joseph, shopping downtown and hitting the art museum, something I love to do with her. And back in March we visited my fam in Utah. We got to spend a lot of time with Taylor which was awesome. He is now serving the Lord in the Santiago, Dominican Republic mission. I'm so proud of him!

Seattle is treating us well. Now our family is just trying to wait patiently until our little baby boy decides to come out and meet us. I have about 3 weeks left unless this baby is anything like Joseph; then it'll only be 2 weeks. I wouldn't mind that at all!