Friday, December 10, 2010

From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Here is my attempt to play catch up. We've been too busy having fun to blog. Not to mention my computer crashing and dying. Luckily, my fabulous brother in law was able to save the 6 months worth of pictures I hadn't backed up, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing any of these. So here we go: Halloween was a blast with Iron Man, Spiderman and our little pink piggy. ALL of my family came out to Seattle for Thanksgiving and Erica's blessing. We had so much fun all together!Erica met her aunts, uncles and cousins and she loved them immediately.Joseph and Alexis helped set the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Check out our homemade placemats and place cards. My parents rented a house in the area that was big enough for the whole family to congregate at and it worked out so well. Our Thanksgiving dinner was soooo yummy. My mom put it together on the road and it tasted just like home. I had fun cooking with her.Justin and Elle enjoying a show.We had some fun around town.Then it was blessing time. Here is the girl of the day.Marc and Connie came up for the day and so did Bruce and Carol. It was so fun to have everyone together for such a special occasion. Her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing surrounded by family.Here's the whole crew.Grandma and Grandpa JolleyProud parents.Our new family of five.A huge thank you to everyone who traveled, especially in such scary weather to be with us. It meant so much to have you here! Erica thanks you too.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Update

Here's a little timeline in pictures of the first month of Erica's life. This first picture is pretty much what Erica and I did the first few days. We're pooped. Her first bath. (She didn't like it very much.)She's worn out after her bath.Proud brothers. They love on her every chance they get. These boys have been so wonderful through this whole transition and love being her big brothers.I can't say enough about these great moms of mine.They've made this transition so much easier on our family and helped me so much!2 weeks old.3 weeks old.My little baby is 1 month old!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Erica...

Enjoy my Dad's amazing photography! I just couldn't put it next to my snapshots. When we called my parents on Sunday morning to tell them the baby was on the way, they decided to hop in the car and drive 13 hours from Utah. Then my Dad turned around and went home the next day because he had to get back to work! My mom stayed a whole week and completely pampered me. Thanks so much for coming; we love you both so much!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Erica Ruth Jolley arrives

This little baby girl sure surprised us by arriving a full 2 weeks early! But we're so happy she's here. Here's the stats:

Erica Ruth Jolley
born Sunday, September 26, 2010
11:53 AM
7 lbs, 1 oz
20 inches long

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work/Visit Weekend

We're so lucky! We had this guy at our house for 4 whole days doing free labor on our house! Darren's parents have been making the rounds visiting their kids all over the country this summer after his retirement and we couldn't wait for our turn because we were told to have a list of home improvement things he could help us with. And, of course, that was an easy task for us, since we started painting back in March and still haven't finished. Boy did we keep him busy! This is Bruce cutting our baseboards:This is he and Darren building a guard rail for the bunkbeds we inherited. Darren had just finished up his busy season and took a couple of days off to help too. It was so wonderful!Joseph wanted to get in on the fun too. Daddy helped him use the drill on some wood scraps.Now I have beautiful baseboards, new light switches and electrical outlets, new vent covers, a new porch light, a shelf above the tv, guard rails for the bunkbed and a bathroom door that doesn't stick anymore. I am a happy camper! I'm just mad I didn't take good before and after pictures. Carol, who is NOT retired even decided to drive up herself when her work week was done. I loved having her here to entertain the boys and help with my decorating. It wasn't all work, though. We also did some bowling, played Scrabble and had yummy pizza at Zeek's. Bruce even liked his pizza even though they didn't serve beef and onion (gross).We can't begin to express how much we love you two and all you do for us. We feel so loved and spoiled. Thanks a MILLION for coming! I honestly believe I couldn't have hand-picked better in-laws.

First Day of School

Here's my cute little 1st grader on a rainy first day of school. Can't believe it. He was very ready and excited to go back. He's loving his teacher and his new classmates. It's been a pretty smooth and easy transition so far. Except it's been hard to find time to do homework when you get home from school at 4:00. We're still working on a good after-school routine.I thought it would feel like I had so much free time with Joseph at school all day. Instead, Justin wants me to be his playmate. And the lack of Joseph's male presence might be affecting Justin. This is what happens when Joseph is at school and Mommy is putting on her makeup.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Wrap Up

Summer is really coming to a close. School starts this week! Sigh. We've been busy squeezing every last drop of fun out of it. Here are some of our adventures and milestones. The video is of our Water Wipeout Obstacle Course that Darren created. The boys had so much fun with it. Later on, Darren introduced chucking water balloons at the boys when they went by which was met with a little opposition. But the boys liked throwing them at their mom and dad when we joined in the fun!
This boy learned how to tie his shoes and has been driving his mother nuts with filling out every application for a credit card that he can get his hands on. I let him fill one out online last week and walked away a moment and when I came back, he'd submitted it! Darren got a call from American Express asking for him and we got a letter declining him. Whoopsie! Right now he's saving to put $20 on a Visa reloadable card. This big boy is potty trained! Hooray! And he enjoys summer corn on the cob just like mommy. He gives me flashbacks of Joseph at 3 years old. He talks a mile a minute and pretends all day he is somebody else. He is a worker or a doctor or a doggie or a kittie. And if I call him Justin, he'll correct me and then ask me to fix my mistake: "Remember Mom, I'm Scott the worker. Say it again without the Justin."Both boys took swim lessons for a week at the YMCA and really loved it. Justin felt like such a big boy in the pool with his own teacher just like his big brother. Joseph really responded to his teacher and finally went under water a few times for him. His teacher had him swimming the length of the pool with just his little floatie belt on. It was great. It looks like he's straining his neck to keep his head as far out of the water as possible while he swims.Dog pile on Grandpa! The boys and I left Darren for a few days to travel to Oregon and visit Grandma and Grandpa Jolley. My sister-in-law, Emily was there with her kiddos too. We had a great time. We went swimming, played at a gymnastics gym and had a birthday BBQ for Carol's birthday.The boys had a great time playing with their cousins, who are getting so big!
I made it back home in time to be completely spoiled at a baby shower thrown by my friends Athina and Lisette. It was beautiful and yummy and I got so many cute baby clothes! I love these women.The party throwers and me. I am feeling great, just feeling nice and huge. Poor Justin is just the right height to get bumped by my belly if I'm walking by him in a tight space. Justin has also noticed the shrinking of my lap when we read together. One night while we were reading, he said "Mom, your baby just kicked me in the back!" But I can tell he's going to love his little sister. He gives her hugs and kisses a lot. Last night he told me he would kiss all her owies when she comes out.And finally, we couldn't let the summer go by without seeing the Mariners play! Unfortunately, I've taught the boys that cotton candy is a must. Yum.My boys having a blast at Safeco Field!