Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work/Visit Weekend

We're so lucky! We had this guy at our house for 4 whole days doing free labor on our house! Darren's parents have been making the rounds visiting their kids all over the country this summer after his retirement and we couldn't wait for our turn because we were told to have a list of home improvement things he could help us with. And, of course, that was an easy task for us, since we started painting back in March and still haven't finished. Boy did we keep him busy! This is Bruce cutting our baseboards:This is he and Darren building a guard rail for the bunkbeds we inherited. Darren had just finished up his busy season and took a couple of days off to help too. It was so wonderful!Joseph wanted to get in on the fun too. Daddy helped him use the drill on some wood scraps.Now I have beautiful baseboards, new light switches and electrical outlets, new vent covers, a new porch light, a shelf above the tv, guard rails for the bunkbed and a bathroom door that doesn't stick anymore. I am a happy camper! I'm just mad I didn't take good before and after pictures. Carol, who is NOT retired even decided to drive up herself when her work week was done. I loved having her here to entertain the boys and help with my decorating. It wasn't all work, though. We also did some bowling, played Scrabble and had yummy pizza at Zeek's. Bruce even liked his pizza even though they didn't serve beef and onion (gross).We can't begin to express how much we love you two and all you do for us. We feel so loved and spoiled. Thanks a MILLION for coming! I honestly believe I couldn't have hand-picked better in-laws.


Emily said...

I'm so jealous, I want my dad to come to my house and build me a backyard.

Ready to see some baby pics now!

Carol and Bruce said...

We are soooo glad and grateful you picked us! That was so much fun, we both loved being there and it didn't feel like work. I'm glad Dad insisted on going when he did since little Erica decided to come early at least you got some of your list done.