Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Retirement party on the railroad!

I'm still playing catch up on my blog. I couldn't let this fun trip slip through the cracks! Darren's Dad just retired in June after working for the railroad for 48 years. Can you believe that?! It's incredible to me. Anyway, to celebrate, Darren's Mom put together this wonderful train trip and we had quite the party with as much family as could make it to Hood River, Oregon. Carol gave all the kids engineer caps, and the rest of the fam got bandanas, so we were styling! Check out these future engineers:Then we took a beautiful train ride up to a little town in the mountains and had a nice picnic before heading back down. The boys thought the train ride was so exciting and hung out with Grandpa most of the time. What a cool grandpa for a little boy; one who knows everything there is to know about trains!Here are some pics I stole from Carol (thanks!) of our picnicking. She also brought a pinata that was the highlight of the kids' lunch.It was so great to see so much family and have time to chat with them on the train. We love you all. A huge congrats to Bruce and thank you Carol for the great day! We love you and we hope to see more of you at our house now.


Jenni said...

Love the pictures! that was really fun. My favorite part was Justin riding in my lap the WHOLE way home saying "woowwwwww look at the trees". Oh i love that child!

Carol and Bruce said...

That was so fun and those boys are all so adorable, I just love them all to pieces. We are anxious to see you again and hope to get up there so Dad can do some jobs for you. I keep meaning to send more photos to you, sorry.