Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Justin is 3!

It was a fire truck birthday in Utah for Justin! It was so fun to celebrate with so much family. The only bad part was that Darren was home in Seattle working a deadline. We missed him. But the rest of us had a great big party. We had pizza for dinner, had cake and ice cream and opened presents. I wish I could say I made this beautiful cake, but instead I have to thank my mom for ordering it for Justin. He was thrilled with it.
Mommy and the birthday boy.Thanks, Dad, for putting this fire truck together for me.Wow. 3 years old. Love you, buddy!


Emily said...

Yay Justin, Happy Birthday!!

Looks like an awesome birthday...that fire truck is sweet.

Love you Justin!!!

Jenni said...

3?!! I still can't believe it! And that cake is totally awesome. I love the picture of you and Justin. How fun to celebrate with your family!

Love you buddy!!

Carol and Bruce said...

Wow, I am really behind on checking the blogs and was waiting for your Utah pictures. It all looks so wonderful and fun, the wedding pictures are beautiful and the cousin pictures adorable and Justin's birthday too! That is the most amazing cake I've ever seen, how cool. So glad to see all of it and that you had such a fun time.

I'll be waiting for some camping pictures next. Miss and love you all!om