Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taylor and Melissa's Wedding

We had such a great time in Utah! And my brother's wedding was the highlight of the trip. I'm so glad the Timpanogos temple was closed the weekend they wanted to get married because it was so incredible to be at the Salt Lake temple and feel the spirit on temple square with my boys. I had never been inside the Salt Lake temple and it was magnificent! The sealing was especially neat because it was performed by the bride's Guatamalan grandfather in spanish! The spirit was so strong even though I wasn't understanding much of it. My boys enjoyed their first trip to temple square.The beautiful bride and her handsome husband fresh out of the temple!Melissa's parents and my parents.The reception was beautiful and so much fun. It was held outside in perfect weather. Justin had a great time with his cousin Elle messing with the decor.My other sibs.Joseph and Alexis were best buddies all night, so happy to be reunited.Joseph is like his mama. He loves to cut a rug. When he found out there was going to be dancing, he immediately responded, "I'm going to dance with Alexis." Alexis was happy to oblige and Joseph escorted her to the dance floor like a real gentleman. Elle chose a good dance partner as well.Here's our family photo of the night.And a candid one with grandma and grandpa.Taylor and Melissa: we love you! Congrats and thanks for the great day and the great party!


Emily said...

Yay I have been waiting for this! They are such a cute couple, I'm so happy for them!

Joseph and Alexis are so cute together...not to mention Justin and Elle. So fun!!

Love the pic of your fam, your dress is super cute!

It's been awhile since we have chatted!!

Jenni said...

That really is so awesome that her grandpa did the sealing. How special. She was STUNNING and they are so gorgeous together. I love the picture of Joseph escorting Alexis! SO CUTE!!!

It was beautiful and I'm so glad it all went well :)

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Wow, I NEED all of your pictures from your trip here! The pictures were so cute, I guess since we have the cutest kids ever how could the pictures not be incredible!? :)

We miss you guys and Alexis seriously tried to convince us after you left that we needed to move to Seattle and that we could just come and visit everyone else just like you guys do! Needless to say, that isn't going to happen, sorry!

Lisette said...

What a beautiful bride. Also, I love your dress, you look awesome!!