Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of New Things at our House

This is what it looks like in front of my house right now! Joseph and I planted these tulips in September and we had so much fun watching them bloom. I didn't realize the the azaleas would bloom the same time. So colorful! Here's a taste of what our family room make-over is starting to look like. Here's our new furniture and tv and you can see the new paint on the wall and new rug on the floor. Now I get to have fun filling the shelves. I think I'll put some photos, planters/vases, and wicker baskets on them. Then I plan to get a matching ledge shelf to go over the tv. What do you think?We enjoyed a visit from my cousin Terri and her family. We rode the new Water Taxi across the bay where we rode the carousel and ate ice cream. Yum.Here's what our spring walks around the block look like now. It seems like just yesterday our walks looked like this. It's kind of freaking me out that they're getting so big. Joseph is apprehensive about taking off his training wheels, but I think I've got him convinced to try it out after he turns six next month. Justin rides this three-wheeled scooter like a pro.Joseph drives me crazy with his incessant need to make projects and create "formulas." Just about everyday on the ride home from school he tells me he's got the best idea ever. I think it's inspired by one of our favorite shows, Phineas and Ferb, who make an elaborate creation everyday. He's made tvs and laptops out of cardboard, bluetooth headsets out of paper, and lately he makes things for me to use around the house. This afternoon he made me some wood floor cleaner. This picture is Joseph creating some sort of gel to use in my hair. His ingredients include hand soap, toothpaste and lotion.And this is his can of paint. I love that he's being creative and inventive but it's getting tricky that he wants to save all his projects and keep them in permanent places of honor. When I slowly throw them away, he always realizes it and lectures me about it.And I finally got Justin to the dentist for the first time. He's been begging since he watched Joseph go. I thought maybe he'd back down when we got there, but he just jumped in the chair and let them do the whole cleaning routine! He was so proud of his new toothbrush and play dough he picked out of the prize basket. My baby is turning into a big boy right before my eyes whether I like it or not.


Emily said...

Dang, I haven't even taken Easton to the dentist yet. I better get on that. it's probably because I know what the outcome will be. The kid screams for primary, there's no way he'll like the dentist.

Anyway, LOVE the new look in your house! It looks so different and pretty!! What size is that tv a million inches??? My goodness.

I'm jealous of your gorgeous flowers.

Jenni said...

So, with every single picture that I saw on this post, I just kep saying Jealous, Jealous, JEALOUS! I love your flowers SO MUCH! I cannot wait for the day that I get a yard! And your entertainment center furniture looks so beautiful! I am just so into dreaming about the day when we have a real house with real furniture, so that all looks so wodnerful to me.

ALSO, I seriously LOVE the pictures and stories about your boys. Joseph is SO dang creative and I love it! and I feel like Justin is getting reallllly big and I'm missing it!

cant wait to see you guys!

Misha said...

We have yet to take Caleb to the dentist! I guess with John brushing his teeth every night, he's got things under control. :-) Yes, Justin is a big boy now and ever so cute. Both he and Joseph look like such great buds, can't wait till my boys get to be friends!

Glad all is well with the Jolley household, I've been long overdo for an update! :-)

Carol and Bruce said...

I love everything! Your paint looks beautiful and the new TV, WOW! The shelves are great and I can't wait to see them with all your pretty things on them.

I'm excited to spend time with the boys and maybe Joseph and I can make a creation. It feels like Justing is catching up with Joseph all of a sudden. Such a great post.

Carol and Bruce said...

Oops! The tulips are beautiful and perfect with the azalea.

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Your front room looks awesome! I can't wait to see all of the finished projects, and one of these days to see it in person!

Your boys are getting so big! And I love the inventions, that is hilarious!