Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break to Easter

Here's my little Easter Bunny.Joseph's Spring Break from school was the week before Easter and we decided to use it just play play playing. We went to a great little egg hunt at the community center and bounced at a bouncy house place. Joseph took his new kite out for a spin.We had a blast at the Pacific Science Center.And we visited the Museum of Flight.We got to meet up with some old friends that we never get to see.And of course, we dyed Easter Eggs.Whew! What a great week. But of course, this means I'm exhausted and no walls got painted again and no housework got done either. I'm paying for that this week. But it was worth the fun!

I thought it was so relaxing (We loved having Darren all to ourselves all weekend!) and so spiritual to have Easter on General Conference weekend. I was truly inspired with a resolve to do better by the messages of our Prophet and Apostles. I know they are men of God called to direct us this day. Because of conference, all weekend my thoughts were turned to Christ and all He has done for me. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that He lives and continues to help and strengthen me each day as long as I come unto Him.


Emily said...

I loved having general conference on Easter too, it was great. There were some amazing talks.

It's so weird that Joseph is old enough to have Spring Break. Weird, but looks like you guys had a blast! I love that picture of Justin and those tulips are gorgeous. I miss flowers.

Hurry and paint, I want to see pics!!

Jenni said...

so much to say... 1st of all, those boys are looking so much bigger and it's kind of killing me. I can't WAIT for JUNE! Secondly, what a great week to enjoy your boys and your husband! Sounds like so much fun. And talk about the best spring break ever, super mom!!!

ALSO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!... yesterday. I suck. I woke up this morning and said "Jill's birthday was yesterday". UH. But dont' you worry, I hope you get my card soon and I love you LOTS!

Stephanie said...

Jill your family is so cute. I love checking on you through your blog.

Carol and Bruce said...

Hi Jill,
I am slow at checking the blogs lately and this one is so cute! Justin makes a fine bunny and it looks like you had a great Spring Break. It's been a tradition for me to do things with the kids on Spring break and we have some great memories, you'll never regret not painting that week, it can wait for another time.

Can't wait to spend time with the boys myself, two weeks and counting.