Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome, Fall!

I always pout during the time of year when fall takes summer away. I don't like the gray skies and rain replacing the blue skies and sun or the socks and shoes replacing my flip flops. But when the trees start changing colors and Halloween is on its way, I can't help but give in and love it. Not to mention all the great things that come with fall. Like football! This is the time of year when we cheer hard for the Oregon Ducks and the Tigard Tigers. Darren's bro, Marc is a high school football coach and we love to make a weekend visit out of rooting for his team in Portland. Darren's parents came up for the game and we came down. The bad part was, we got stuck in nasty traffic and nasty weather and didn't even make it to the game on Friday night. But we made up for it with a Saturday full of fun at the pumpkin patch. Here's our hay ride on the tractor,the perfect pumpkins,the adorable farm animalsand the corn maze.Joseph and Justin loved raking and jumping in leaf piles in the yard last weekend. It was very cute to watch Joseph teach Justin how to really mess up the pile. Justin was an attentive student.And finally, the jack-o-lantern debut on the front porch! Joseph was really into it this year, designing and cleaning out his own pumpkin. (His is in the middle.)I am so thankful for family, football, pumpkin patches, leaf jumping and jack-o-lanterns to help me embrace the fall.


Emily said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! Sounds like you have some good helpers raking those leaves. I remember those days all too well around the Jolley backyard. Ugh.

You may be sad about fall, but just be glad that you get one! I'd love to see some rain and pretty leaves.

Love you guys, have a Happy Halloween and Spoooooooky Dinner!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Fun! I am glad that the pumpkin farm went well! And great pumpkins, nice job! We missed you here this year!

Ben & Diane said...

Fall is great but yes, it is sad to see summer go. I still wear my flip flops though ;) We have yet to go to a pumpkin patch. I am insisting we go next year. The time just flies by on me. It looks like you guys had lots of fun though.

Carol and Bruce said...

So cut and so fun to be with you in Portland and now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to. What can we do fun on Friday and Saturday? Can't wait!

Joseph did great on his pumpkin, their costumes are adorable and it's just so fun to see them enjoying Autumn and all the great experiences you provide for them.