Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What the kiddos have been up to...

Update time. We're finally feeling settled into our new school schedule and Joseph is still really enjoying Kindergarten. He always wants to go and he loves his teacher. I'm so happy about that. His favorite thing to do at school is P.E. He's learned to skip and jump rope and he loves to exercise. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll tell you he wants to be a guy that makes exercise videos. He wants to do an exercise video everyday, either one of mine or one for kids from the library.

This is also a common sight at our house. Joseph's favorite books to read are the kids non-fiction books. His favorite subjects are the body and how it works and the solar system. A new book makes him really excited, but then he reads his favorites over and over again until he can practically quote them. Smarty pants.His reading inspired this body of artwork on our wall. If you ask Joseph about Pluto, he'll tell you he's sad it's not a planet anymore. He's hip to the whole debate. My favorite piece is his interpretation of earth. It's the multi-colored planet towards the bottom.He's also been loving soccer again this year. I'll post some pictures soon.

Check out Justin's new skills! I just love his tongue in this picture.
See him in action and listen for his cute "twysicoh" for "tricycle."
Justin cracks me up everyday. He picks up hilarious things from his brother like, "What the heck?" and "Sweet!" He often tells me something and follows it with, "That be awesome, Mom?" But my favorite is his fascination with the word "cool." He thinks everything he does is "cool." Our conversations often go like this:

Justin: Look, Mom!
Me: That's so silly, Justin.
Justin: It's not silly, it's cool.

After catching on, I think I'm doing him a favor by telling him he's cool, only to hear him respond like this:

Justin: Look, Mom!
Me: That's cool, Justin.
Justin: It's not cool, it's way cool.

Apparently Mom is just always wrong.


Emily said...

Dang, your kids are like geniuses. Easton is barely getting the hang of peddling on his 'twysicoh'. Maybe it's because there's like 4 months when we can't practice because it's too hot outside.

I love Joseph's drawings, so cute! I'm so glad he's loving school.

Jenni said...

I LOVE when you post videos!!!! I watch them over and over!!! My favorite is his adorable boots!! he just looks so big, what is up with that?! Anyway- keep the videos coming. And Joseph- he knows what's good! He's following in his Aunt Jenni's footsteps. hahahaha! He is so smart and I love his fascination with things!
he's sad Pluto is not a planet? hahah! I barely even learned that and he already has an opinnion! I love it!!! They are so, so, so cute.

I was SOOOO jealous that you were all together this weekend! And I'm bumed I won't see you at Thanksgiving either!! :( When do I get to see you all?!

Carol and Bruce said...

That video is so adorable, HE is so adorable and what a big boy riding his trike already. I love that you hang all Joseph's pictures on the wall, the one of the earth is awesome. It's so fun to see him having such joy for learning. They are just too cute!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

I can't believe how big your boys are! It has been FOREVER since I have seen them! Can't wait to talk on the webcam!

The Stefanek Quints said...

holy cow, you have some smart kids. i can't imagine my 7 year old thinking that way. and so cute. crazy about darren being bishop! that is awesome and he'll be great because he has a great wife to support him! good luck to you both!

Chalisa said...

They are getting way too big! I still picture Joseph as this barely walking little kid going for rides around the mall in his stroller. I love the new bathroom! That is so much fun. How are you surviving with the new calling? We are going to have to start e-mailing to be eachothers life line. Aren't we way too young to be married to Bishops?

Ben & Diane said...

WOW! I really like Joseph's art work. Super impressive. Mia is really into reading but coloring books is her idea of art ;-) Justin is as cute as ever.