Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Fun

A great Halloween was had this year! This is us at the ward Halloween party. Darren and I threw together our costumes literally an hour before. Too bad the picture doesn't show Darren's knee high golf socks or my cowgirl boots. They really made the outfits. There were cute carnival games, good food and trick or treating.Spiderman and Batman teamed up to save Seattle from evil villains. Here they are before their trick or treating in our neighborhood. Can you tell Justin isn't quite up to it? Poor baby was still recovering from the flu.Spooky Dinner is back! We haven't had Spooky Dinner at our house in several years. It was so fun to share it with friends. We ate buzzard brains, zombie saliva and my favorite, kitty cat eyeballs.Look at our cute kids!


Jonathan and Michelle said...

It does look like you guys had a great Halloween! Cute costumes, especially Darren's golfer man outfit! :)

Emily said...

Zombie saliva...good one! Glad your spooky dinner was great, ours was too, it's just so much fun.


Jill said...

What a great Halloween, Jolley fam! Of course, Superheroes are the preferred outfit for those little boys.

I'm so sad that I'll miss you when I'm in Seattle at the end of the month! I'm headed in Thurs. AM and leaving Sat PM. One day I'll get to see your cute home!

Jenni said...

OHHH i have so much to say! First of all, I LOVE that you continue the spooky dinner tradition!! you go girl, keep it goin! You and Darren look awesome!! Although, I really wanna see Darren's socks. I'm so impressed. You are seriously an adorable cowgirl!

and ohh, the boys!!! I LOVE the super hero costumes. I don't know why, but I just find nothing cuter than my babies in costumes! And by "my babies" I mean my nieces and nephews hahaha!

You guys are the coolest parents for sure. looks like so much fun!

Lori said...

Very cute! Alexander is really into spider man too. I'll have to get him one of those costumes for dress-up. Hope you guys are doing well!

Carol and Bruce said...

I'm so glad you told us about the sox and I want to see them. I laugh just thinking about it. You do make a fine cowgirl, good job coming up with those in a hurry, they are great.

Bruce wanted me to make sure and mention that he doesn't remember Emily raking many leaves:) We probably all remember picking up walnuts and there were a lot of leaves thats for sure.

Brittany said...

Jill- I just found your blog through April's blog. What a cute family!! It's fun to see pictures. Where are you at now?? My e-mail is I have a blog, but it's private so send me your e-mail.

Brittany Lemmon Hay