Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For the Grandmas

Hi Grandmas, and everyone else that chooses to listen to me brag about my kids. My Justin can stand up! Check him out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring is around the corner, I can feel it!

Wow, have we had some beautiful weather here in Seattle lately! We've had nothing but sunshine and 50 degrees for more than a week now and it's made me feel so cheerful! I've been so grateful to take my boys outside and enjoy our backyard again. We've been taking walks, playing in our "sandbox" (the Japanese rock garden that I've let Joseph destroy with his sand toys), and today we played at Alki Beach. I'm kicking myself because I didn't remember my camera today. But this picture is of our daily walk/ride around the neighborhood. It's been fun to see Joseph's pride at finally figuring out how to pedal his big wheel. And I've loved seeing Justin experience sand and rocks and grass in his hands for the first time. I know it can't last forever, but this taste of spring is just what I needed!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fun in Utah

We just got back from another fun visit to Utah. Unfortunately, we had to leave Darren at home. It was supposed to be a work trip, and then at the last minute, he had to stay for work. But I'm glad the kids and I still went. We had a blast as you can see. Joseph loves to play with his cousin Alexis. Every morning he'd ask when she was coming over. And you should see the way we works his Grandma. He'll try to quietly go to her after I've told him no about something to see if he can get a different answer. Which he always does unless I overhear it and inform Grandma of my verdict. He and Alexis keep her so busy because they want her to star in all their playing and they literally tell my sister and I to leave. Apparently, we just get in the way. Justin was only a momma's boy the first day. After that, he was used to all the new faces and was happy with everyone. My mom was jealous because he seemed to prefer my dad. Thanks for the good time, Andersons and Jensens!

Joseph mastering the big slide at the fun play place we went to.
Justin taking a bath in the sink after one of those super messy biter biscuits. Bathtime is his favorite.
Joseph loved playing in all the snow. Grandpa built a sled slide in the front yard, it was great!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love my Valentine

To my hubby. I love you for:
-Being so hot! So far, you've gotten better looking everyday. How do you do that?
-Making me the Mom of the two cutest boys in the whole wide world.
-Working so dang hard so I can be home with our boys. I love being a Mom and you make that happen for me!
-Doing the dishes!
-Making me laugh.
-Being such a fun, loving, patient Dad.
-Letting me talk your ear off when I need to vent.
-Loving me for me, all flaws included. Even when I burn dinner, show up late, screw up the checkbook, etc. etc.
-Making me want to be better everyday.
I love you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wildlife in our own backyard

OK, one more post about our possums and then I promise I'll quit talking about them. I've just been so intrigued with them since we discovered them. And yes, I said "them." Last week in the morning, Joseph and I discovered two of them wandering around the backyard. We may have a whole family of them. Then later that same morning, we found one just chilling out on our rug right by the sliding glass door. We just sat and watched him give himself a bath and he didn't seem to mind we were there at all. I'm beginning to like them. Do you think he's cute? He seems cuter to me now. Don't worry, I won't go crazy on you. I will not feed them or try to pet them or anything. But it was fascinating to watch him so closely.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The neighbor we didn't know we had...

Several nights ago, I was sitting at the table near our sliding glass back door after the kids were in bed when I noticed a movement in the part in the curtains. It didn't startle me. I was sure it was one of the many neighborhood cats that roam our backyard all day long. But as I watched, its tail looked like a huge rat tail! I quickly looked out and still couldn't quite determine what animal it was. It just looked like a giant cat-size rodent. A smaller scale of the R.O.U.S. from "The Princess Bride!" I called Darren over and he said it was a huge possum. He opened the door to get a better look and the possum just looked at us and slowly moseyed his way over to go back under our deck. We didn't get a picture of our possum, but the picture above is the best one I could find of what he looked like. I've been doing some research on possums, and everything I could find says they're harmless, non-confrontational, clean creatures who actually kill lots of unwanted pests: rats, mice and spiders topped my list. So I've decided I kind of like him and want him to stay. Especially since he seems to have run off the raccoons that we used to see going under our deck when we first moved in.
Here are some fun facts about possums that I learned:
-They are not rodents. They are the only indigenous marsupial of the United States.
-They have opposable thumbs that help them climb trees. Although, I can't imagine our fat possum climbing any of our trees.
-They are nocturnal.
-They do not really spend a lot of time hanging from trees like many a children's book I remember. Although, they can do this with their yucky ratlike tail that grips tree branches.
-If provoked, they will play dead with their mouth hanging open and everything. It's their best defense. :)
-They are actually quite cute when they're little, but the our fatty possum is not cute whatsoever. If I ever get a picture of him, I'll post it for you. Hope you enjoyed my little lesson on possums!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost is Back!

I don't know how many of you who read my blog are fans of Lost, but it is my favorite show on TV. I could hardly wait all day yesterday to watch the premiere. I was not disappointed. I thought it was great. But I hated how the whole episode went by without showing who or if they got rescued! I loved how they continued the flash forward sequences. I love that I'm continually conflicted with who to trust.

New questions surface:

Who are the Oceanic 6?
Why is Hurley rescued in the flash forwards when he was on Locke's side?
What was the deal with the black guy who was hassling Hurley?
Who was in the casket?
Who the heck is Naomi and her people? Why did she cover for Kate on the sat phone?
Could Ben and Locke possibly be right about staying on the island?
Who would you side with? Jack or Locke?
Who do you want Kate to end up with? Jack or Sawyer?
Do you think Kate is pregnant?

I would side with Jack because I would want off that island so bad! I can never decide who I want Kate to be with. But I wish Charlie and Claire could've been a happy little family! And Sun needs to get off the island if she wants to have her baby! So all you Lost fans, let me know what you think!