Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost is Back!

I don't know how many of you who read my blog are fans of Lost, but it is my favorite show on TV. I could hardly wait all day yesterday to watch the premiere. I was not disappointed. I thought it was great. But I hated how the whole episode went by without showing who or if they got rescued! I loved how they continued the flash forward sequences. I love that I'm continually conflicted with who to trust.

New questions surface:

Who are the Oceanic 6?
Why is Hurley rescued in the flash forwards when he was on Locke's side?
What was the deal with the black guy who was hassling Hurley?
Who was in the casket?
Who the heck is Naomi and her people? Why did she cover for Kate on the sat phone?
Could Ben and Locke possibly be right about staying on the island?
Who would you side with? Jack or Locke?
Who do you want Kate to end up with? Jack or Sawyer?
Do you think Kate is pregnant?

I would side with Jack because I would want off that island so bad! I can never decide who I want Kate to be with. But I wish Charlie and Claire could've been a happy little family! And Sun needs to get off the island if she wants to have her baby! So all you Lost fans, let me know what you think!


Jon & Michelle said...

I'm so glad that Darren was able to watch it with you last night, I knew that it would have been hard for him to wait for it in the mail from me!

I do watch Lost because Jonathan is a HUGE Lost fan as well, but I'm not really that into it so I'm sorry I can't really comment. I did watch it last night, but I think I was in and out of sleep so I don't think that I caught the whole thing. Sorry to be a disappointment to you!

Jennie Minor said...

I watched a little bit (in between gagging session to the toilet, is this TMI). I couldn't get into it. Maybe its cause I was so sick. I am going to watch it again, and then I can hopefully be able to relate with your love for the show.

Emily said...

I'm always torn between who I want Kate to end up with. But I think that if she is pregnant then she will end up with Sawyer...and since Jack is such a loser in the flash forwards.

I know, that guy visiting Hurley at the hospital was so random.

Wasn't it SO GREAT?!?!

Breanne said...

So, I have a friend that is a HUGE fan and reads all the spoilers. So if you really want to know!!

The Oceanic 6 are - Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sun and Siede.

And I really miss Charlie! He was my favorite! I cried when Hurley told Claire that he was gone :(

Katie said...

So, word on the street is that Jacob happens to be Jack's you believe it? And why? What significance would that be?