Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love my Valentine

To my hubby. I love you for:
-Being so hot! So far, you've gotten better looking everyday. How do you do that?
-Making me the Mom of the two cutest boys in the whole wide world.
-Working so dang hard so I can be home with our boys. I love being a Mom and you make that happen for me!
-Doing the dishes!
-Making me laugh.
-Being such a fun, loving, patient Dad.
-Letting me talk your ear off when I need to vent.
-Loving me for me, all flaws included. Even when I burn dinner, show up late, screw up the checkbook, etc. etc.
-Making me want to be better everyday.
I love you!


Emily said...

Yes I think he's pretty cute too!
You guys are so cute together...hope you have a very romantic Valentine's and get 'LOST' in all the festivities.

Love you!

Jennie Minor said...

he is a lucky guy to have such a wonderful woman like you! Love the post!

Jenni.Jolley said...

this is just REAL cute and i love how in love you are :) and that new picture of justin is SO CUTE and he's getting to big. i'm so sick of babies getting big without me around!! haha

love you guys!

Ben & Diane said...

Awww.....cute. Darren makes me laugh too. You both do really and I really miss you guys.

Misha said...

Love the Valentine's post. Sorry, I'm a bit late in keeping us with my blogging! I think you guys are an adorable couple and make a dynamite contribution to the ward. What a cute idea for such a sweet tribute to Darren on Valentine's Day! And yes, doing dishes scores bunches and bunches of points! Especially when they do it without being asked! :-)