Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding in Richland

The Columbia River Temple is gorgeous! And so is Richland, Washington. It was a great little weekend getaway for us and so wonderful to attend the sealing of our friends Kitara and Neal. We're going to miss Kitara and her daughters in our ward!This is the only picture I got of them at the temple!Later, Joseph did some fishing in a pond at the park with Dad.And Justin and Erica and I played on the playground.And we always enjoy a good hotel after a swim in the pool.


Carol and Bruce said...

I don't even remember hearing about that temple. I want to go there. The pictures are so good, love the family one and boys look so handsome all dressed up and I love Erica's dress.

Jenni said...

LOVEEEE these pictures! Everytime you post, these kids look bigger and it's killing me! I especially love the picture of Joseph in his fishing gear. SO adorable!