Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to School

And back to blogging! I hope. I'm attempting to begin my catching up today. Wish me luck.

Joseph's not flashing a peace sign, he's signaling that he's now in the second grade. He's really enjoying his year and thriving as usual. I feel lucky to have a son who loves learning and loves doing homework. I'll enjoy that as long as it lasts.Justin started Joy School, a co-op preschool I've been doing with other mothers of 4-year olds in the ward. It's been a great opportunity for both him and me. It's been fun to have the experience of being the teacher and seeing the kids learn and grow. In just a matter of months, Justin has learned to write his name, along with the other letters of the alphabet, use scissors (he's now my official coupon clipper), and he's even reading.Erica enjoyed the rest of the year's warm weather on her feet, soooo happy to be an independent walker!


Carol and Bruce said...

JIll, I'm so happy to see you back to your blog. These pictures are adorable. I bet Joseph and Justin will always love school and be good students, what a blessing. I know that feeling of seeing their progress when you are teaching them their letters, etc and it so FUN.

Jenni said...

I'm so proud of you for doing the whole Joy School thing. It sounds like its a huge success thanks to all the hard work of you and your girlfriends. Awesome! And I'm so amazed by your smart kids. AND way to go putting those scissor skills to work hahaha!!