Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Month of Love

Just wanted to say how much I love my man. For V-day he sent me these roses and then took me out to dinner and jean shopping. What a catch! Darren really does so much for me even after doing so much at work, so much at church, and giving so much to our three little rugrats. He just keeps getting better and I'm more in love with him every day.Here's Joseph showing the love for his little sis by changing her diaper. I love watching him do this all by himself. Justin also loves all over Erica. He just gets in her face and gets a little carried away. I go back and forth between feeling sorry for Erica for the loudness of her brothers and feeling like she's lucky to be so well entertained. She does cry when they leave her alone so she must prefer their boisterousness.Erica's new trick is grabbing at toys (or Mommy's watch).
Just a few of my fave 4 month old pics:Loves bathtime! She always flashes a huge smile when she gets into that warm water and Justin caught the tail end of it. But here's a big one! This girl's hair is out of control.Every Sunday when I get to put Erica in one of her gorgeous dresses I just want to do a huge photo shoot. But she doesn't always comply. My boys are pretty handsome too. Love these kids.


Emily said...

I love them too!!! She's getting so big and even more beautiful! Jeans shopping?! Now that's love. What a good boy Darren is. He does seem so busy, so good for him for being a good valentine.

Can I call today? I was out late playing b-ball and didn't get your text until late (although it looks like you were still up anyway).

Jenni said...

OH gosh, HURRY HERE!!! I need to snuggle that baby girl! She is SO beautiful and I just love her so much. Those 3 are just so adorable and I love the pictures. And Joseph changing diapers?! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

I'm glad Darren was good to you on Valentines day! He always comes through it seems, so good!

love you guys!

Carol and Bruce said...

Loved that video, she is getting so big. I remember Justin's hair was just like that and it's so cute especially with her cute hair accesssories.

Glad to hear your sweetheart was good to you, he is a good boy.

The picture of Joseph changing Erica's diaper is precious, what a good helper. Love to all!