Saturday, May 29, 2010

All about Joseph

Happy birthday, Joseph! Well, my baby boy is six. We had a whole lot of birthday celebration around here. On his birthday, we spent the day with good friends at a farm. Check out these cuties.I think Joseph is lecturing on some aspect of nature that he knows everything about.Then we went home for some present opening and cake eating. Classic faces of pure joy at his presents. Gotta love it. Then on the weekend we enjoyed a way-too-quick visit from the Portland Jolley's. Hooray for Kellen and Caleb! These boys can never get enough of each other. We brought them along to cheer Joseph on at his T-ball game. Go Ice Wizards!It's a base hit! Because they're all base hits! In T-ball, everyone advances one base and the last batter gets to hit a grand slam. It's pretty adorable. His favorite position to play: 1st base. They get to see the most action.Then came the big bowling party. We had birthday kids on their own lane, a few little kids on one side and a few adults on the other. It was a good time! Love you, Joseph!


Emily said...

6 years old?!?! Crazy how the time goes so fast. I loved all the pictures, he just looks so happy and into everything.

Ice Wizards?

Carol and Bruce said...

I'm so glad he had such a great birthday, that was a lot of fun stuff!! I love the picture of Joseph and Kellen in the chair and the baseball ones, soooooo cute.
Thanks for sharing, I'm just smiling my face off looking at those pictures.

I miss you all and hope the wedding was wonderful and that you are having a great time in Utah.