Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here's what's been going down so far in 2010:

just took the last of the four CPA exams today. Here's hoping he passed and he's done forever! It could be a couple of months before we find out. He saved the longest and hardest test for last, but I'm willing to bet he did well. Anyway, that means he spent this last week at home studying for the test and that's been great. It is fabulous to see him at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He continues to be busy as all get out between work and church and family, but he does an amazing job at meeting all his obligations and making me and the boys feel loved and important. We are feeling the blessings from his calling even 4 months into it.

just had a blast from the past at a very fun 80s party with some girlfriends from the ward. You like our outfits and hairdos? I am so grateful to have such wonderful women to share my life with here in Seattle! I am also recommitting to working on building up our food storage with a new support group a friend in the ward is starting up. I'm excited about that. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the mommy book club I belong to. It's been going strong for 15 months now and I feel like I have certainly expanded my horizons with the books we've read and discussed together. But of course, most of my time is spent on these cute boys I want to tell you about.

is an amazing bumper bowler! We've been twice over the last month and he's won both times with a 93 and a 111, beating both me and Darren. He loves words and they're always distracting him. Right now he's very interested in nutrition facts and ingredient labels on foods. But I end up having to remind him to eat at mealtimes, because he's just reading everything in sight. He won't eat anything that he feels is too high in sugar content and claims that if he eats too much sugar, it gives him a headache.

After Christmas, I arranged with Joseph's school to have him eat lunch and have recess with his classmates so I pick him up at 12:40 instead of 12:00. It's been working great. He's getting that extra time to eat and socialize with his buddies and run his wiggles out before I pick him up. He just loves school and I couldn't be happier about that. We're halfway through Kindergarten now and it has been an extremely positive experience.

always brightens my day. I mean, look at that face! He has many obsessions right now, including Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and playing hide and seek. He comes to me and tells me he's going to hide in Joseph's closet and then tells me to count. It works out great, since he likes hiding the best, I usually get a lot done while I'm counting. :)

He demands my attention when Joseph is at school or otherwise occupied. When Joseph is home, they are (usually) great playmates. When I finish a phone conversation, he says, "You done on the phone mommy? Great!" When I'm trying to read a book, he comes over and shuts it and says, "The end, mommy." Lately when I'm talking to someone and he gets tired of waiting, he's started saying so politely, "Mommy, stop talking." The other thing I always here him say is, "One minute, mommy, I be right back." This one he's learned from me. And unfortunately, it looks as though I've also taught him that one minute doesn't always mean one minute and that I often don't come right back. Serves me right.


Emily said...

I love hearing about Joseph's new awesome that he's into nutrition labels. I'm sure you're fine with him eating less sugar!

Justin has such a cute face!! We love Thomas around here too...well, any type of train really.

Good update, I love your 80s outfit! I'm sure Darren did well on his test, he's such a smartie!

Love you guys!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, what a great update! Keep them coming! Joseph is the coolest kid ever! Nutrition?!!! hahahahahahahaha! I wish I could hear him speak those words. I can't wait to see him next, it sounds like him and I will have plenty of interests in common and plenty to talk about!

That picture of Justin is absolutely adorable. I need to see him. I missing out on all his cute growing up!

You and Darren are super parents. Serious. I'm totally diggin your 80's get up, you look totally legit!

Lori said...

congrats to Darren! It's fun to keep up with your family, and I love that eighties picture. So fun!

Ben & Diane said...

That is so funny about Joseph and food. Mia is the same way right now. She informed me the other day that she learned in P.E. that eating too much fat will clog her arteries. She said she only wants cereal for breakfast instead of bacon, sausage and biscuits. What's funny is that we only eat that when we go to my parents house ocassionally. I love this age.

Justin looks so sweet in that picture. I loved this post and of course I wish we were closer. I'm sure Darren is rockin' it a Bishop. I liked your side ponytail,too!

Carol and Bruce said...

I love hearing all that is going on with you guys and it sounds like a lot of really good things. It's hard to believe that Joseph is half way through kindergarten and I'm so glad he loves it. I WISH I had his resolve to not eat sugar and things that are not good for me, as I'm finishing a bag of M&Ms.

Justin is so darn cute! I bet you treasure that time with him in the morning, soon he will be off to kindergarten.

Cute 80s picture! It looks like Melanie and her friends and really took me back to those days.

I bet Darren passed the test, I'm sure you will all be happy to have that behind you. But if he had to stay home and study again, that wouldn't be a bad thing either.

We love you and can't wait to see you in 21 DAYS!!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Great update! Awesome outfit, only you could pull off those pants! And congrats Darren, I am sure he did amazing!

Cute picture of Justin and I can totally hear his little voice saying those things!

And I am still laughing about Joseph telling us all about which vitamins are his favorite and why.

Ketsy said...

Fun times of a fun family! And yes, I am looking at this while your boys are sword-fighting around me. :)