Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009 & New Year 2010

Wow. It's really over? We had such a great time this holiday season, it just flew by way too fast! We spent a week over Christmas in Utah with my family. It has been over a year since I've been to Utah and it was so wonderful to be there! The boys were enthralled by the snow. Daddy helped them make a snowman.
Joseph and Justin performed with their cousins in the Anderson family Christmas program. It was so great to catch up with so much extended family who I haven't seen in years.
The kiddos at Pirate Island Pizza.
Here they all are on Christmas Eve sampling Santa's cookies and milk before bed. We had a giant sleepover at my mom's house on Christmas Eve with all of my siblings and their families. It made Christmas morning so very fun!
Santa made it and we all got to enjoying our new gifts. Here's Joseph enjoying his gifts from Grandma Jolley: a new solar system book and a Snuggie like Daddy's. Guess what else is like Daddy?
Justin had a Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas!
I loved getting to know my niece Elle, who was a newborn last time I saw her. Now she's walking! Look at that gorgeous face.
Happy Birthday to my sis Jordan! Poor thing was born the day after Christmas and we made sure to go out and celebrate.
Here's the whole gang.Snuggles with Grandma and Grandpa! We love you so much!
And congrats to my bro Taylor who just got engaged. His fiance, Melissa, is wonderful. Now I get to go back to Utah in June! Hooray!
We made it home to spend the week before the New Year just chilling together as a fam and playing with friends. Here's our last meal of 2009. This year has been a big one full of love, blessings, new challenges and growth. Thanks to all our friends and family who made our year and our Christmas so very special.


Emily said...

I am dying at Joseph picking his nose with the snuggie. The resemblance is uncanny. TOO CUTE!!!!

Sounds like such a wonderful time, cousins, are so much fun.

I wish Justin and Easton could play Thomas together someday. They'd have a blast.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love you all!

And congrats to Taylor!!

Snuggie2U said...

I love it! You kids are so cute. I love reading about them. Hey, I got a blue Snuggie too and had to blog it. I am complete: Snuggie has a Snuggie!

Mark and April Sullivan said...

Snuggie and a Buggie... hee hee! I love the holidays and I'm glad yours were merry and bright!

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh I have so much to say. First of all, I love your new header thing. ADORABLE picture! I've been thinking about you and how you said that you hadn't been home in over a year and I must THANK YOU for always being such a good sport and coming to our house and partying with such a good attitude. Because I think I would rather die than not go home for that long!!! Once again, you're amazing!

Also, I LOVE the pictures. The snowman-so cute. Joseph picking his nose hahahahahahaha I laughed outloud on that one. He is his father's son. Youre neices are ADORABLE and it all just looks like so fun.

CONGRATS to taylor woo hoo!!! maybe I can crash that party too so I can see them together! I Do love a wedding :) hahaha!

love you guys!

Carol and Bruce said...

I started crying when I saw the boys in their boots(I don't know why but that picture got to me)and it got worse from there. Justin looks so grown up in that one and they are just so cute!

It looks like a wonderful time in Utah, your nieces are adorable and your family all look great.

Love the new look of your blog and hope 2010 is as good to you.

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Yea, cute pictures! We had a blast and we miss you guys already!

J.Frey said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe you hadn't been home in a year! How do you like traveling for the Holidays? I guess I am spoiled because I get to stay home AND see my family.

Jennie Minor said...

LOVE all the pics! Looks like a FUN Christmas in Utah. I am jealous you got to go. And even more jealous that my mom saw you and I didn't.I miss you!
And Congratulations to Taylor. So exciting!!