Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bathroom: Remodeled

BEFORE (crappy floor, ugly old window, and cracking, mildewing shower tile
DURING (really gross water damage)
AFTER! Still work to be done, you can see, but what an improvement!


Emily said...

Oh my goodness...SO NICE!!!! I'm so happy for you, that is a seriously nice bathroom. Love the mirror.

Courtenay Beth said...

OOOOOH! Pretty! I love it! Looks like a fancy pants hotel or B&B or something! I might drink extra lots of water so I could pee more often and spend more time in there...HAHAHAHAAAA! I'm so weird... Seriously though, it looks GREAT! Good job! I love how big projects end up being so so satisfying! Good work :)

Jen said...

Pretty pretty!!

Carol and Bruce said...

It is so great, I'm glad we got to see it in person. When does the new window get installed? Dad has already done ours since we were there, he's just doing the finishing touches and I love it! We should have had him stay and do yours.
love and miss you all

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Wow, that is so exciting for you guys! I can't wait until one day when I get to see it in person!

rose said...

that looks SO great!
isn't it nice to do that kind of stuff? we've done that to just about our entire house. well worth it!
ohhh and i keep forgetting to tell you-----
the paint on our walls that you asked about is a Ralph Lauren color- i think it's Antique Bone. we have a few colors that are similar, but i think that's it.