Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our summer of visitors

The summer is almost over and so is the flow of visitors to our house. I've quite enjoyed everyone coming to see us this summer and I'm sad to see it end. Ok, ok, I know they didn't come to see me, they really came to see Justin. Thank you to all our awesome family that traveled to Seattle. We loved hanging out with you and we appreciate so much your love and support of our family.

More cute cousins! Kellen and Caleb

Uncle Marc and Aunt Connie

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

3 generations of Jolleys

Aunt Jordan and Justin

Cousins Megan and Kevin

A whole lot of Jolleys


Emily said...

Super cute pictures!! How fun to get all those visitors!

Ben & Diane said...

i love all these pictures. i especially liked the one of your parents and joseph in front of the water display.

rose said...

hey jill! so we officially will be up there around the 2nd week of september. i am coming up next week to find a place. we are looking in bellevue, kirkland, redmond, issaquah and out there. are you guys still in the city? it will be awesome to be able to do stuff with you guys. hopefully joseph and gavin will become buddies. my email is rosiebug79@hotmail.com i would love to see you!

rose said...

oh and the boys are adorable.

Emily said...


Stefanek Fam Damily said...

that is so awesome to have all that family support. your boys are beautiful and so lucky to have such wonderful family!