Friday, August 31, 2007

I wish he was a big boy now!

The race car you see pictured here has become a permanent fixture in our bathroom on the shelf above the toilet. It has now been there for over 3 months. It is Joseph's prize for going poo poo and pee pee in the potty. (He was 3 in May.)
If you are perhaps unaware of Joseph's obsession with Nascar, let me tell you, it is intense. He has about 8 little cars already and carries them with him everywhere. He'd rather watch the race car channel on Saturday morning than cartoons. He can tell you the numbers, sponsors and drivers of every car he owns. It's really quite odd, because his Dad and I don't give a hoot about Nascar. Needless to say, Joseph is dead set against using the potty. And every day that goes on, I swear, his diapers smell more and more foul! Everyone keeps telling me that this means he'll just wake up one day and be potty-trained, but man, that day is beginning to seem like it will never come. We've read so many potty books, watched videos, and talked it to death. He's seen his two best friends his age go in the potty. Our success for right now is that he's now gone off his potty chair strike and will sit on his potty chair for me again. So we've been doing that twice a day for a week now, but nothing has happened in it yet. He is simply not ready. Sigh. So I go on waiting....


Emily said...

That is too funny! I love that he is in to nascar...seriously, where did that come from? Oh I hope he grasps the potty concept soon. The world will be such a better place once he gets that all figured out!

Personally, I am dreading the potty training days...I'm sending Easton to my mom so she can do it.

The Chases said...

What is it with boys and Nascar? Everyday, when Ammon gets home from work, Taylor asks if he can watch Nascar on the internet. Ammon even wants to take him to a race at the speedway sometime, I personally think it's a little W.T., but at least it's not Monster Trucks, right?

Ben & Diane said...

potty training is such a broad part of parenting. What I mean is that there is no straitforward time and way to do it. Every kid is different. Mia was potty-trained by 2 1/2 but she is a girl.....everyone says girls do it faster. I guess I will find out with Dallin whether or not that is true. We had to do the toy thing with Mia too. She was going pee way before poop. The toy worked wonders on Mia as I am sure it will on Joseph too. Maybe it's because Joseph already has so many cars??? I don't know. There's really no rhyme or reason to it. But.....GOOD LUCK.

Jill said...

Emily, I wish your mom could come and work some of her magic at my house too! I think Joseph's Nascar love started with the Disney movie Cars. Then he realized that there was such a thing as real race cars. He loved your picture message, by the way.

Katie, That's so funny that Taylor is into Nascar too! I have the same white trash feeling about it too. It's like I feel the need to always say that it wasn't his parents who instilled the obsession in him.

Diane, thanks for the support! I know we'll get there, I just need to keep being patient.