Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Justin's Joy School Christmas nativity. They performed it at a retirement home. Adorable.

Justin was Joseph.
It ended up being really nice to have church on Christmas morning. I have to admit I grumbled about it a little bit, trying to decide how to handle the present opening. But of course, it was the perfect place to be: taking the sacrament, and feeling bathed in the Spirit, talking and thinking about our Heavenly Father's gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. I want to do it again next year! The kids were soooo incredibly patient and wonderful because they only opened their stockings before church. Then we raced home to open Santa and family presents. Here's some Christmas morning joy.
What is it?
Lucky to be invited again to spend Christmas evening eating delicious leftovers at the Hunt residence.


Jenni said...

HEY! Better late than never! I'm so glad you posted these pictures because I am DYING at the nativity picture! SO DANG CUTE!!! How was all of that almost a year ago???? Erica has grown up so much and its killing me!! Love those kiddos!