Saturday, October 1, 2011

Black Butte Ranch

Thank you, Marc and Connie for taking us to this beautiful place! In the mountains of Central Oregon near Sisters and Bend, is this fabulous resort. The pictures speak for themselves, but there is so much to do and the cabin we stayed in was so luxurious. It was a mini reunion of Jolleys and Erica was glad to be reunited with her grandparents.
And we were very excited to meet this new little Jolley. We love you, Cameron!Carly loved him too.
Every night Grandpa put the boys to bed in their bunkhouse. They slept in a room full of built-in bunkbeds and felt like big boys sleeping in their own room. It was adorable to see them all gathered around Grandpa's storybook. And we were exhausted from all the fun stuff we did during the day!Kellen taught Joseph how to play chess and they stayed focused on this for about an hour everyday, smart boys! They also played quite a bit of Scrabble with Grandma and Jenni.We had our choice of three different pools and we spent time in each one. On this day, we got kicked out of the big pool for adult swim, but had a blast with the noodles in the wading pool.Erica LOVES the water.There was lots of bike riding.Grandma had an awesome craft for the boys to do everyday, like decorating these cute visors.A fun canoe trip.Good times at the park.Tennis player boys.
If you get up early enough, like these cute girls in their jammies, you can watch the deer come and eat breakfast out of their special trough.A front row seat right from the deck.Pigtail twins. Erica was a bit sassy with her cousin. She yelled at Carly everytime Carly came near her toys, her food or her bath. If she could have said the word "mine" it would have been said.Ice cream on a scorching hot day. Erica was quite the little beggar and Grandpa's a softie.We had the best "Anniversary Party" on our last night there. Carol threw it for us parents with the help of our kids. It was so fun! We played the newlywed game and Darren and I killed at it. The wivesThe husbandsThe adorable helpers.What a great trip! Let's do it again!


Emily said...

YAY!! I still need to blog about this and I have NO pictures, so I will be stealing some of yours.

Oh how I miss that place and all of you guys. Erica is so cute and I miss her...and baby cameron. I love getting all the boys together, and being with all you girls.

SO FUN!!! Thanks for posting!

Jenni said...

I'm stealing every single one of those pictures! That made me miss it so bad! It made me miss this summer and getting to see all of those precious children. Erica melts my heart, dang it!!!!! ohhh and that picture of Carly and Cameron... precious!

I seriously LOVED watching the boys play chess, and that picture captured it perfectly!

What a great post. Miss you guys!

Carol and Bruce said...

Excellent summary of our very fun week and I love all your pictures especially the boys playing chess with their thinking caps on, so cute! I love thinking back on that, it was just so great. I just ordered my prints so I can scrapbook about it.

Jill said...

hooray for black butte! many childhood memories. i am so glad you fell in <3, the pictures certainly show it.

sad i missed you when i was in seattle.

Jennie Minor said...

Jill! I am just not getting caught up on blogs! I can't believe how big the kiddos are getting! I am LOVING Erica's hair!
I miss you SO much and think of you often! Let's talk soon! love you!