Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday boys

I'm finally bringing you pictures of my new 7 and 4 year old boys. Here's my 7 year old in his Lost Boy costume.He got a big haul!Pokemon is all the rage at our house these days. You like my Pikachu cake? Several times Joseph has sadly expressed his sincere longing that Pokemon were real so he could become a great Pokemon trainer.Joseph and his teacher, Mr. Keller with his birthday crown. His classmates all draw him a picture and write him a message on his birthday that his teacher binds into a book for him. So cute. For Joseph's birthday we spent some time in the arcade at the Family Fun Center. An older couple gave us a bunch of tickets and we came home with all kinds of crappy prizes.Love you, Joseph. I can't see any trace of my little boy Joseph anymore. You're becoming such a great boy and I'm so happy to be your mom.Here's my cute 4 year old.Justin had a little party with some friends. Look at all his cute girlfriends!Yes, it was a Pokemon party and we broke a Pikachu pinata.I kept up the Pokemon cakes with a Piplup cake.It was very cute to see Joseph be so excited to give Justin the present he had picked out and watch him open it.The following thank you hug. So sweet.Cool stuff!I love this boy. I wish I could just freeze him at this moment. He's sweet and funny and easy to be around.


Emily said...

Oh my goodness, they are sooooo big!! I don't know anything about Pokemon, but your cakes are AMAZING!!! Seriously, you are the best mom ever!

That hug is precious, it made me cry, I love those boys so much and we can't wait to see them.

Jenni said...

Thanks alot Jill, I just did my make up and now I'm crying! Just because I agree with you, I don't see little boy Joseph anymore! He's so big! I love it but also hate it at the same time. I love your kids so much and I miss them like crazy and it's so fun to watch them get bigger. Your cake making skills are AWESOME! I would want those cakes.

I'm with Emily, that hugging picture needs to be framed and Erica looks SO big sitting up in the back ground!

Also, I totally understand how Joseph feels about Piachu being real. I definately feel that way about High School Musical. I wish it was real so bad. I feel his pain :)

Carol and Bruce said...

That was so fun! I've got tears too, of course. They are just so precious and I can totally relate to your comment about freezing Justin and not seeing any little Joseph any more. You are making the most of your time with them though and that is so important.

The cakes are amazing, I'm impressed. What fun and now you have a little break until it's birthday time for Erica. Can't wait to see you and have a great trip to Utah. Love and miss you all!

Breanne said...

Happy Birthday boys!! Those cakes are ADORABLE!!!! When Xander turned 5 I made a cake that looked like a pokeball :)

Lisette said...

I am so impressed with those cakes. Nice job!!