Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Fun for Father's Day

We had such a fun Father's Day weekend! My adorable nephew, Kellen came from Portland to visit for two days and two nights. Joseph was so excited to have 2 sleepovers! These boys are best buds despite their geographic distance. It was so fun to listen to them get reacquainted and play together. There was a lot of wrestling, monster hunting and bike riding going on. We met his parents halfway in Centralia to make the switch both times. Grandma Jolley even came with them on one of the trips. What a treat! It worked out so great, we'll definitely be making this a new summertime tradition!We played at the beach and rode the water taxi across the bay just for fun. The other great thing about this weekend is that my cousin, Melinda was also up from Portland with her family and we picnicked at the beach together on Friday. It was so great to see her and her three kids. I haven't seen her for five years because they've lived out east since just recently. It'll be great to have them living so much closer now!Justin also fell in love with Kellen on his trip. He tried his hardest to keep up with the big boys on all their adventures. And they were so good to include him in their playing. I took this picture because Justin was snuggling up to Kellen and saying, "I wuv you Kewen!" So cute! And a very happy late Father's Day to the wonderful father of my children! My goodness I love this man. We learned this weekend that Darren passed the first of the four CPA exams he is working on taking. Way to go, babe! Not only is he excruciatingly handsome, he's brilliant too!


Emily said...

Those boys are SO cute together it just kills me! It makes me so sad that we live so far away from everyone!

Way to go Darren!!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Cute pictures! That is so fun that you were able to get the boys together!

Good job Darren!

Jenni said...

YAY DARREN!!!! i had no doubt that he'd do great. Jill, seeing those boys together is seriously my favorite thing ever!!! They are SO adorable!!!! I love it! I'm glad they got to play together!

The water taxi picture is my favorite. And kellen looks just like Marc in it!

Carol and Bruce said...

Congrats to Darren! I'm happy for you guys to have that over and had not doubt that he would pass.

The boys ARE so adorable together. They just couldn't stop hugging, it was so fun to see them and Justin and his hugs made the whole trip worth it for me.

We had the blessing of having Kellen and Caleb with us the past three and a half days, we enjoyed every minute with them and now it's lonesome here.
Love and miss you guys!

Shannon said...

Yeah - congratulations Darren!

Those are darn cute pictures of your boys :)

Mark and April Sullivan said...

So fun! Hey, if you're coming down for the reunion we're having a girl's dinner at Mimi's the night before at 6. I hope you can make it!