Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here's a random movie of my boys for you, followed by more random kid stories.

1. Justin got the first ear infection of his life in a big way. Full blown in both ears! The poor little guy was miserable for three days before I took him to the doctor. Thank goodness for Amoxicillin! It's been wonderful to have him feeling better and start acting like his cute little self again.

2. Justin hates getting his haircut. I've been feeling confident at fading up Joseph's hair and I really wanted to try it on Justin instead of just buzzing it off as fast as I can. But I knew he wouldn't hold still enough for me. Then I remembered a friend telling me when Joseph was a baby that she would strap her son in the high chair and wrap him in a sheet to bind his arms to cut his hair. And I remember thinking that sounded a little heartless at the time. Maybe baby #2 has made me a little more heartless, because it sounded like the perfect solution to me now. It worked great. He seemed to cry less, I didn't have to fight his arms and his hair didn't turn out too bad either!

3. Justin says so much now and it's great to be able to understand what he wants. Except for the fact that he yells at me quite often if I don't respond right away. My favorite thing he says is, "Yeah baby!" He'll use it whenever he's in the mood:
Me: Justin, do you need a new diaper?
Justin: Yeah baby!
Me: Justin, would you like a snack?
Justin: Yeah baby!

4. Joseph has really been pushing the boundaries lately and driving me crazy: talking back, defiantly disobeying, excessively using "potty words." A couple of Sundays ago, Darren was at his early morning meeting, I was trying to get the rest of us out the door on time and Joseph was REALLY pushing my buttons. I was getting angrier and angrier until I wasn't even sure I felt like going to church. As we finally got on our way, Joseph says, "Mom, it's hard to have two kids like us, isn't it?" I burst out laughing and answered, "Yes, Joseph. Very hard." I guess if he's capable of making me angry and then completely diffusing the anger with hilarity, he evens out. Maybe I'll keep him.


Emily said...

Oh thanks for posting the video...that was super cute! I love how he says "pweeese." I can't wait to hopefully see you guys in April!

Carol and Bruce said...

I am seriously dying laughing at the comment Joseph made about it being hard to be their mom. I hope you write that one down. At least he realizes it, and I hope he still will at 16.

The video is adorable and I can't wait to see them in exactly 24 hours depending on if the train is on time.

Jennie Minor said...

poor Justin! Adi just got an ear infection from flying. so sad!
That is a hilarious story about Joseph. Why is it that they can drive us crazy and the next second crack us up? So cute!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

I LOVE those stories, they are great! Hopefully we get to see you guys soon!

Jenni said...

hahahaha!! "have to say pweese" hahahaha!! I love the video so much. Keep those coming, they make my day! And the stories, oh my goodness, JILL- I don't know how many people I've told about you and how you're super mom. But seriously- that is the funniest thing I've ever heard about Joseph's comment on the way to church!! hahaa, what a winner!!

Misha Young said...

I love how Justin says 'yeah baby' all the time, too funny! Did he get that from Joseph or Darren??? I'm glad the little guy is feeling better! As for Joseph giving you grief, thank goodness for those cute things they say, it's so hard to stay mad!

Katie said...

Sometimes I want to skip church too, it's nice to know that everyone has obnoxious kids some time or another.

Katie said...

Okay, I just watched the video...so stinkin cute. Justin never seemed to mind that he didn't actually get a piece of candy ever. What cute brothers

Debi said...

What a cute little moment of life. I like how he offered mom one too. Kids are great, isn't it so entertaining just watching the constant show?