Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Fever (and other musings about my kids)

We enjoyed the most beautiful weather this week! It was such a wonderful taste of spring. But of course, it was just a tease, today we're back to the rain and wind and I'm blogging about it now to remind myself that it wasn't just a dream. We had such a great time playing at the park and in the backyard for three days in a row. Joseph put his Christmas scooter to useand Justin found out he can make the big wheel go with his feet like a big boy now.
The kids were just as rejuvenated by the weather as I was. They were giddy with excitement at the park and because it's been months since they've been there, they were pleased to find that they could do more than the last time they were there. Joseph was brave enough to go down the fire pole all by himself for the first time and he couldn't get enough of it.Justin was just one of the kids, navigating the stairs and the slides like a pro and on a high from his newfound independence. He thought it was great that he could look down on me from up on the play structure. Where did my baby go?!I've never been so happy to see grass stains on Joseph's jeans and pick up pieces of wood chips off my rug! But my boys are also finding fun stuff to do inside. Here are their new favorite things to do. Joseph is getting ready for scouts by experimenting with knot tying. He uses his jumprope to tie up people, toys, furniture, etc. I'm glad he's moved on to furniture because a couple of weeks ago, I was getting tied up multiple times a day. Justin will line up his cars with intense focus for the longest time, just changing their configurations.Tonight we had the best time together playing with Legos. That sounds silly, I know. But the legos get pushed far under the bed and only get found every couple of months, so it's like they're new everytime they come out. We were sitting in Joseph's room after dinner and I was wondering how we were going to pass the hour before bedtime when I got them out. The three of us built tower after tower and they went to bed late because we were giggling and just enjoying each other so much. I would build the base, and then Justin would build the tower straight up while Joseph filled in around the tower and provided the imagination. We built a control tower for space ships, a temple, Daddy's building, and when we ran out of legos, we'd knock it down and start over. The boys were so cute working together and actually conversing. It's so fun to see them start to be able to communicate! Joseph would praise Justin or laugh at the excited noises he kept making. And Justin kept laughing and saying, "funny shuh shuh" (the adorable way he says "Joseph"). It was just one of those times when it feels so good to be a mom. I thought I should record it so I can go back and read it when I'm having one of the times it doesn't feel good to be a mom.


Shannon said...

Those are great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Okay, I have seen so many little boys who love to line up cars...why doesn't Easton love to do this? I always feel like he's missing out on certain rites of passage or something.

Also, how cute that Justin is a big boy at the park and on his 4 wheeler. They are both getting so big and grown up.

Just call me, and can tell you stories about times when it's not fun to be a mom.

Carol and Bruce said...

Those are some fun times you are having with them, I hope they know how lucky they are to have such a great mom.
I love the photos expecially the one where Justin is peeking out at you and the one about the knots. That is hilarious, and I do think he will be a great scout. Maybe you'll be the den mother:)
It was so fun to hear their voices today.
love you all!

Mark and April Sullivan said...

Ah.. Springtime... I can't wait!!

Ben & Diane said...

Yay! I loved this. It makes me realize that I need to have more outside time with Dallin while Mia is at school. It is great to be a mom!

Katie said...

Don't you just love good weather! What a fun mom you are, it's so easy to find work to do when they are busy playing. Good for you sitting down and playing with them.

Jenni said...

I LOVE this post!!!Jill that all looks like so much fun! All of the pictures are so great. I cannot believe how big they are both getting. When you said, "where did my baby go?" I was totally thinking the same thing!!! justin needs to stop that growing!!!

You are SO lucky that you got to go to the park. The park is a big white mess right now for us. bummmmmerrr... but reading this post did give me hope that spring will come someday!!!!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Your pictures are making me miss warm weather so much!! I love the picture of Justin with his cars, it is great that he is so entertained with that!