Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Oregon Thanksgiving and my adorable preschooler

Thanksgiving was wonderfully relaxing and filled with family and good food in Oregon. The bummer thing for the boys was that there weren't any kids at Thanksgiving for them to play with! So I'm afraid Joseph thought the day was a little boring because all the adults wanted to do was eat, watch football and play grown-up games. He kept asking me to play with him. But the weather was beautiful while we were there and we did a little shopping, saw a movie, fed the ducks and walked to the park. Here are some of the pics:
Dessert time! You should hear Justin say pumpkin pie. He loves it like his mommy!Cute girls! Leann, Carol and KristyFun at Alton Baker park

Now I must gush about Joseph's Preschool Christmas Program! It was the cutest thing I've seen as a parent thus far. I was amazed at how well my shy little Joseph did singing his little heart out and saying his line with his partner. They sang Christmas songs with cute little actions, and in between the songs, they came up to the microphone in twos and said their memorized verse from Luke 2. Here's Joseph saying his "memory verse" for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, the baby screaming in the background just so happens to be Justin. I guess he wanted to be on the video too.


Emily said...

Oh man you're right, that video was the cutest thing ever. I especially love the kid in the background who is yawning when Joseph is done. So funny!

Cute poictures...that pic at the park must have been before Jenni got pooped on?

I can't WAIT to see you guys...there will be plenty of kids to play with this time!

Lori said...

gorgeous family pics!!!!

April said...

That was a cute video:)
The candy corn hats were made by my mom, yeah. She's amazing like that. She actually linked to the pattern on her blog, here:

Stephanie said...

That preschool thing is so cute. Isn't it fun watching your kids grow up. I am going to write you my address, but I need yours too. My email is Also i'm glad you liked twilight and i'm glad you didn't get shot.

Debi said...

Wow, that is impressive! That must have taken a lot of work to help him memorize. You look so beautiful in that first picture. I'm glad you are having happy holiday memories!

Carol and Bruce said...

I can't believe Joseph is old enough to be in a school program. It is just too adorable and brings back the memories. Isns't being a mom the greatest!