Friday, September 19, 2008

Just call me Soccer Mom

I am loving this new stage of parenthood! With Joseph's new activities and Justin getting bigger and more independent, I'm getting to do all of these fun things for the first time. Like order from a school book order, bring snacks for halftime of the soccer game, and go to Parent Night at the Preschool. On Joseph's first day of school, I had to wake him up and I said, "Wake up, it's time to get ready for school." And I thought, how fun to say that for the first time! I wonder how many more times in my life I'll be saying that (or yelling it). It makes me imagine myself in the future juggling a lot more than one kid's activities, cheering them on in their sports, going on fieldtrips and videotaping their concerts and school programs. I just can't wait. I'm excited to be moving on from that "young motherhood" with all preschoolers at home, even though, I know I probably have many more years with preschoolers ahead of me. I've had a taste of what is to come, and I love it. This is my new favorite picture of the boys. I haven't gotten one of them both smiling in a long time.

Joseph has his first soccer game tomorrow and it's going to be so much fun to watch. At practice yesterday, it was so great to watch the coaches teach these 4 and 5 year olds how to play the game. Then they scrimmaged and really caught on! Joseph was so proud that he played goalie for awhile and blocked 2 goals.Check out the beautiful view of the city from the soccer field. I'll post some pictures of tomorrow's game soon.


Shannon said...

Isn't this stage so much fun? I know Brian loves seeing Joseph at preschool every day.

They sure did have a blast at the soccer practices and both the coaches seem really nice!

I'll see you at the game tomorrow :)

Emily said...

So fun! I bet Joseph is the best goalie ever.

That picture of the boys is super cute. They really look like brothers!

Good luck tomorrow, take lots of video and pics!!

Misha said...

I can't wait to send little Caleb off to school and see him play soccer. The baby stage is fun, but you're right, there's so much to look forward to as they get older and older!

rose said...

i love this stage too! it is so fun. and i LOVE how joseph is wearing all baseball stuff for soccer. too cute.

Carol and Bruce said...

I'm shedding tears again...they are so darn cute. I love how I can see both you and Darren in their faces in different ways with each one. You are right that is a great picture, I'm sending for a copy right away.

I'm so glad you are looking forward to all those fun days ahead because it is all so great. I'm also thankful Heavenly Father made us grandparents after that so we can enjoy it again from a different perspective because this is awesome.

Jonathan and Michelle said...

That is a cute picture! I can't believe how big they are, I'm so excited to see them soon!

I am loving this preschool stage already and I am looking forward all of the new things still coming!

Alexis & Joseph will have to play soccer together when you are out here because Alexis is in love with the sport right now.

Katie said...

They are the cutest little boys for sure. Don't mean to be the only grumpy voice, but don't get to excited for school and whats to come next. While it is exciting watching them learn and discover new things, it's so not very exciting realizing how much time you spend in the car every day driving them to and from their activities. I wish I wouldn't have been quite so glad for school to start for both of them. I kind of just miss them being home.

Jenni said...

i love hearing about all of this! your boys are SOOOO adorable and I just LOVE the picture of joseph in his soccer gear! I wish I could see one of his games so bad! let's see some videos!!! Jill- seriously- I envy your life!!!! it sounds so fun!!!!