Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joseph is 4!

Isn't he a sweet little baby? I can't believe it's been 4 years.
We planned to tell Joseph his birthday was on Saturday the 10th instead of the 11th because we wanted to celebrate it on Saturday. So I was showing Joseph on the calendar how many days until his birthday and he says, "No Mommy, that's the 10 and my birthday is on the 11." Too smart for us! Lucky he didn't mind the truth since it meant presents a day early. We had a great day. We opened presents, went miniature golfing, went out to lunch and ate cupcakes. Check out some of the fun stuff he got.
A digital camera
Golf clubs

Thanks for the great presents, family!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh I love his golf clubs! That is so awesome! He really is too smart...I can't wait til I can hear him read. He looks so much like Justin in that first funny.

Happy Birthday Joseph my buddy, I can't believe you're 4. I love you so much!

Carol and Bruce said...

Amen to every thing Em said, she read my mind!. I'm glad he had such a great day.

The message he left on our answering machine is the most adorable thing ever and I listen to it daily.
Love to all!

Jon & Michelle said...

Happy birthday Joseph, we love you! I'm so happy to hear that he had such a great birthday, he sure is a good lookin' kid!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph! You'll have to tell me again where the golf course is :)

Misha said...

What a fun birthday! He smiled so cute for those pictures!

Ben & Diane said...

Happy Late Birthday to Joseph. That Disney book looks like alot of fun. Golf clubs??.....I just naturally thought Joseph would be a baseball player. What the heck.....he'll probably play everything. Sorry we missed the fun.