Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playing "Haircut Store"

Joseph has always been deathly afraid of the hair clippers. The usual haircut for him consists of holding him down and buzzing his head at all one length as fast as possible while he screams bloody murder. But lately, Darren's been taking him to the salon when he gets his hair cut and Joseph has gotten aquainted with his hairdresser and the way the salon works. So now when it's time for a haircut, we play "haircut store." I have to set up my station and put up an "OPEN" sign on the door of my store. Then Joseph comes in and pretends he's Darren and I pretend I'm Lyn. It goes a little something like this:

Me: Hello, Darren. How are you doing today?
Joseph: Oh, I'm doing fine.
Me: How are your kids?
Joseph: Well, Joseph is 3 and he is just great and baby Justin is doing good too.
Me: And how's work going?
Joseph: Well I'm very busy, but I like my building.

There has been considerably less and less crying and last week I actually got to try to give him a "real" haircut by leaving it long on top and fading up the sides. Not bad for a first try, huh? I can now add "hairdresser" to my list of titles as a mom.


Emily said...

He looks so cute and so big!!! Good job on the haircut! I absolutely LOVE how he plays pretend...it's the cutest thing ever!

Jon & Michelle said...

Yea, I am so happy that he is getting over the whole haircutting thing! It's looks so cute, I'm impressed with your skills!

rose, aaron, gavin & hayden said...

oh that's SO funny!!!
great job! and darren likes his new building? that's hilarious what they pick up. and that is a great face he's making there! love it!
you are making me feel pretty lucky. my boys have no problem in the haircut department. no crying and they just sit there. thanks for making me grateful!

Jennie Minor said...

good job Joseph and Jill! Sweet hair cut!

Carol and Bruce said...

Good job Jill, keeping the tradition of Jolley boys getting their hair cuts at home. I'm just proud!
Joseph looks adorable and I'm so glad he is learning to like it better.

It is so adorable how he plays pretend.

ammonc said...

That face cracks me up, his eyes look like their going to pop off of his face. Good job girlie!

ammonc said...

Sorry that was Katie obviously.

Alicia said...

Not bad! I think you have a little guy who loves his dad. How fun.

Snuggie2U said...

Hi Jill and Darren! How creative you are with haircut store. That is so fun! Suppose I could get pointers on how to do "Make-your-own-phone-calls Store" for Eric?