Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What a wonderful time of the year. We had such a great Christmas in Oregon with Darren's family. The tree was bursting with presents. Joseph was so fun. He left milk and cookies for Santa Claus and went right to sleep. Here are some of the highlights, favorite gifts and great family:
Joseph is getting so good at making cookies with me. He is actually a help in the kitchen now instead of getting in the way and he loves to help. It's really fun.
Our little Justin got sick with Bronchialitis right over Christmas. Doesn't he look so sad? So this was what Darren and I were doing most of the day and night during our visit. He had such a nasty cough.
Joseph's fire truck.
Joseph helped his brother open up his presents.
Joseph practicing sleeping in his Lightning McQueen sleeping bag.
Out to lunch with all the fam.
All 5 of the little boy cousins. Can you believe there isn't a girl to be found? It was pretty fun to have all these boys running around the house together.
Joseph's smart cycle.
Justin's new exersaucer.
Fun stuff, huh? We are so grateful for family members that we love to spend time with. We loved seeing Marc and Connie, Emily, Jenni and Grandma and Grandpa. We missed all of our family in Utah but were grateful for the opportunity to talk to Elder Taylor Anderson in the Dominican Republic! He sounded so great and is working so hard. We are most grateful for the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the reason for all this celebration.


Jon & Michelle said...

cute pictures! I'm glad that I got to finally see some fun Christmas pictures! I'm so glad that Justin is feeling better!

Emily said...

Dang...that contraption that Joseph is riding looks so dang cool! I want one!

Poor Justing, I hope he's feeling better. For being sick he sure was happy! If it makes you feel any better, Easton decided to not sleep the 2 nights after you left. I was up all night with him. I guess he just missed you guys.

It was SO good to see you!!!!
Happy New Year!!

Jenni.Jolley said...

that is a SWEEEEEEEEET bike that joseph got! I had SO much fun with you guys here, really it was so wonderful to hang out with you and play with the boys. i'm so glad you came. I just felt so bad for baby, i hope he's better. joseph was SOOO fun on christmas morning, it wouldn't have been the same without you guys!

Carol and Bruce said...

Those are such adorable pictures! When you get a chance send some this way since my camera wasn't working half the time, I'd appreciate it. It was such a great Christmas and we are so glad you were here, it's just hard to express how much we loved having everyone here even though it was tight quarters, it was a blast. I'm so glad Justin is well again!

Jennie Minor said...

sounds like you guys had tons of fun at your in-laws. How is Elder Anderson doing?

Qian Jia Ting said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Merry Christmas!!