Thursday, November 15, 2007

A few things of note

Joseph LOVES looking through toy magazines. Here he is hard at work making his Christmas list. As Darren and I were explaining to him how he needs to let Santa know what he'd like for Christmas and then work on being a very good boy, he was visibly troubled by the thought of sitting on Santa's lap at the mall and having to tell him what he wants for Christmas. Way too scary for Joseph! The suggestion of sending him a letter went over a little better.
In other Jolley boy news, Justin has found his feet and they are his new favorite toy. Once in awhile he sucks his big toe. He prefers no socks and no diaper for optimum foot to mouth action.


Jon & Michelle said...

what cute pictures! YEA, the feet are yummy and they are something that he can't lose too easily! Alexis has been doing the same thing with toy catalogs, we give them to her every Sunday with the ads.

Jennie Minor said...

We had a ward activity and Santa came (I don't know why, let's get Thanksgiving over first :) ) and this little girl saw him and her mom said to go sit on his lap and she started screaming. It was so sad but so dang funny! Can you believe its already christmas?

Robertson Family said...

What little cuties you have!!! Ethan loves to look at the toy mags too and I think it is so funny when babies eat their toes.

Emily said...

I just hope he grows out of that...are you aware that my dad still bites his toes? Too cute!

That picture of Joseph is hilarious!!! I miss him! Have fun in Oregon, I'm JEALOUS!!!!

Carol Jolley said...

Adorable! I love all the photos and especially need copies of the halloween costume one. Thanks for keeping us posted on the blog. It has been sooooo wonderful spending a few days with you all. We are thankful for you!